Welcome to the online home of AZ TV/Film. ¡Nuestro casa esta su casa! We hope you like it here. And we hope you’ll join us. You can login with Facebook, Twitter, or Google, if you like, or you are welcome to sign up the good old-fashioned way. :)

Everyone who joins will get (FREE of charge)

  • Added to the member directory, searchable by skill (if you provide any)
  • A personal profile page, where you can link to yourself all over the web (if you want)
  • Information about film education (schools, financial aid, and online learning resources)
  • A comprehensive list of crowdfunding websites and best-practice tips
  • A free listing in our crowdfunding database (we’ve already added several from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but let us know if we missed you!) that’s viewable to the public.
  • A list of local film organizations
  • A list of Arizona media contacts (for sending out press releases, etc.)
  • An AZ TV/Film job board (paid only!) and a list of other job resources
  • Access to our event calendar (where you can post your screenings and fundraising events, etc.)
  • Forums you can participate in
  • Classified ads (so you can buy/rent/sell equipment, post for unpaid work, list casting calls, etc.)
  • A small but growing database of free forms and templates for you to use (such as sound reports, call sheets, and project organization templates, etc.)
  • And more stuff on the way…

Coming soon

  • FREE websites! If you don’t have the time to set up something of your own, can’t afford hosting, or just don’t know how to set one up, we’ll soon be giving you the opportunity to sign up for one directly from our site. Easy peasy, free and… squeezy? (We won’t really squeeze you.)
  • Crowdfunding projects you can launch right from our website!
  • An e-book/easy reference manual.
  • A sister site for social networking, so you don’t have to use Facebook anymore to connect with your film peers, unless you want to, of course. It’s a good way to keep things professional, so you don’t have to sift through everyone’s political opinions and pictures of their breakfast!

We’re also looking for the following

  • Films, TV shows, and webisodes that were made in AZ or by AZ filmmakers (e.g., it’s okay if you moved on to LA) to feature in our virtual screening room (viewable to the public).
  • Press releases (so I can post news and/or events for you, etc.)
  • Interesting local (or former local) film and TV peeps for profile interviews.
  • Any resources you have that I don’t (I am only one person!) – e.g., websites you recommend, forms you’ve created (or have the rights to) that you’d be willing to share, or articles you’ve written.
  • Guest blogs (reviews, how-to articles, contest information)
  • Feedback on the site. I’m building it for all of us, so of course, I’m happy to listen to what you have to say.
  • People to help get the word out. It’s a new site, so we’ll need some help growing, but we think it can be something special. :)

We’d really like to provide everyone with as much free information and access to resources as possible, so any help you can offer in building our community would be great! What is it they say about adding more water to the harbor and raising boats or something? Well, (as much as that phrase makes no scientific sense) I’m trying to do that, for all of us boats. :)

1 response to Welcome!

  1. Hello Film Lovers!

    This blog is dedicated to giving you Film Reviews in 160 WORDS or LESS!

    It is our goal to give you an honest assessment of movies from the past and present in a format that will NOT require you to sit down for 30 minutes and try to figure out if our metaphors are telling you to see this film or not. We don’t mind watching a “clunker” of a movie, but we would rather spend our cash and time watching great films and saving the “guilty pleasures” for a night at home with Redbox or Netflix on the couch. We are doing this because WE LOVE MOVIES and WE LOVE TALKING ABOUT MOVIES. It is our passion.

    We hope you enjoy this format and visit our blog on regular basis to read the latest. We will be reviewing new and old movies, dvds/blue-rays, and provide an occasional artist interview from time to time. Enjoy.

    Chuck and Adam

    Chuck Banaszewski, Ph.D. graduated from Arizona State University (2006) in Theater. Currently teaching Contemporary Cinema and Intro to Cinema classes at Scottsdale Community College. Also, teaches in the School of Education and the School for Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University.

    Adam Schwietz, currently in Film School at Scottsdale Community College getting degrees in screenwriting and film production. Movies are my passion and talking about films a lot of fun.

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